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Hi my name is Tony……

I am currently away studying at college but as the summer holidays approached in 2016 my mum was wondering how she was going to keep me occupied, then a friend of my mum’s suggested that she got in touch with Happy Futures, as they support her son during the holidays. Mum rang Angela and she went to meet her and Joanne at their skills centre. Mum told them all about me and the difficulties that can lead to me becoming unsettled as I have autism. I have sensitivities to loud noises, busy places, touch and bright lights, she also told them I love animals, drawing, modelling clay, going out to eat.

Angela and Joanne said they would really like to meet me, so the next time I was home for the weekend we went for a trip to the centre, although it felt a bit strange they allowed me to have a wander round and explore and they introduced me to two of the staff team.

When I came home for the summer holidays mum introduced me too five staff called Will, Wendy, Callum, Alice and Ian, these people were going to spend the summer with me taking me out and about. Each day mum would show me a picture of the two staff that were coming to support me that day and the activities we had planned this was due to me having high anxiety and so I need to know what's happening.

Each day we would start off at my house then go to the centre where I could sit in the garden, draw pictures, make models and eat my lunch. When I was ready we would set off to do the activities we had planned. These included going swimming, cinema, walks, meals out, local tourist attractions including museums, farms, so many different things, I was kept so busy, which is good for me.

At the end of the summer it was agreed that as I was getting on so well with everyone that maybe going to the wildlife park at Doncaster would make a really nice end to the summer, mum talked to me about how it might be busy and noisy but I really wanted to go and see the animals, and I was now confident that I could tell the support staff when I needed to find a quiet place because things were starting to upset me. I went with Wendy and Ian and although it was a long day and we did so much walking, but we saw so many different animals and I had a great time and went home so tired.

Everyone agreed that I had had the best summer ever and so during the next holidays the staff supported me again and now they have Rosie and Rupert the therapy dogs and I have loved getting to know them, play with them and taking Rosie for walks.

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"its nice for us as parents to know we have found a team that care for our children like they were they own and that we know they are looked after by a brilliant caring team xx".


"My son is doing well at school they can't believe how happy and relax he is since being with you which goes to show how great you all are".

About Us

We work with individuals to support them to have a "Happy Future" Happy Futures have a domiciliary care office registered with the Care Quality Commission in Scarborough. We currently support individuals in Whitby, Scarborough and Filey. In Scarborough we have a Skills Centre available to the individuals we support.

We offer support to individuals with moderate and complex needs. Our new facility at Treetops in Scarborough offers support to individuals who require more complex support. We work alongside North Yorkshire County Council, the local Clinical Commissioning Group and families.

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