Paula Cooney
Paula Cooney - Operations Manager

Hi I am Paula, originally a Lancashire lass and now Happy Futures Operations Manager.

At Happy Futures I am responsible for the strategic leadership, direction and development of the business.

Part of my role is to identify new opportunities and focus on driving growth and developments across the business with support from the Operational Support Director.

My role will significantly shape the development of the company’s business strategy by analysing the market and advising the Managing Director of development opportunities.

I am committed to customer service excellence and I take the lead role in developing and managing service based partnerships and business relationships with North Yorkshire County Council providers, healthcare commissioners and other organisations to further deliver and shape the company’s strategic aims.

It is my role to arrange and attend meetings and marketing events on behalf of Happy Futures.

I have worked for the past 18 years in the care sector in adult and children's services within both learning disabilities and mental health homes, and in the community.

I am the lead MAPA trainer for Happy Futures, I work with the staff and train them in de-escalation techniques and positive behaviour management