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The Adventures of Rosie McPoodle

Image Hi it's me Rosie Mcpoodle or Mcpoo as I sometimes get called but I'm unsure which I like best I know yet again it's been a while guys but it's been so busy and everyone has been so excited and that's made me so excited and then I was tired and so I had lots of sleep, but now I'm here to tell you what I've been getting up to! All I've been hearing is the word outstanding and I'm not sure what it means but it makes me excited because everyone's been telling me that I'm the best and that makes me feel better because then I tell Rupert just so he remembers whose top dog. I have been having a great time on support doing sleepovers and going on walks and I must say I love doing support as much as I love my ball which anyone who knows me knows I REALLY love my ball! Joanne takes me to the beach when I'm not at work and I love it so much I never want to leave! Sometimes I just lie down and pretend I can't move so I don't have to leave the beach but Joanne has become wise to my (what I thought was well thought out) plan and just picks me up. We had a party recently and I got the most amount of cuddles and then Rupert turned up and he wanted all the attention so being the kind big sister I am I let him have it. Well that's it for now I've just heard the word beach so I'm gonna go get my ball and hope for the best Bye for now Your loving and loyal sidekick Rosie Untitled Document

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Happy Futures Support Specialists Ltd
Ground Floor Unit 9A
New Chase Court, Hopper Hill Road
North Yorkshire, YO11 3YS
Business : 01723 586633
Mobile : 07739 098192
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"its nice for us as parents to know we have found a team that care for our children like they were they own and that we know they are looked after by a brilliant caring team xx".


"My son is doing well at school they can't believe how happy and relax he is since being with you which goes to show how great you all are".

About Us

We work with individuals to support them to have a "Happy Future" Happy Futures have a domiciliary care office registered with the Care Quality Commission in Scarborough. We currently support individuals in Whitby, Scarborough and Filey. In Scarborough we have a Skills Centre available to the individuals we support.

We offer support to individuals with moderate and complex needs. Our new facility at Treetops in Scarborough offers support to individuals who require more complex support. We work alongside North Yorkshire County Council, the local Clinical Commissioning Group and families.

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