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Hi my name is Jim ……

When I was 17 my mum met with some people to talk about looking after me when I turned 18, it was during this time that mum met Angela and thought that maybe Angela and her team were the best people to look after me, I know my mum loves me but come on let’s be honest I could get into mischief in an empty room.

Angela also knew about a bungalow that was not far from mum’s house that I could move into when I turned 18. My 18th birthday came and went and as all the kinks had not been ironed out Angela and her staff started to support me at home so my mum could have a few nights sleep each week.

Then at the end of August we finally got that call saying the kinks were finally ironed out and I could move into my bungalow, I remember seeing the bungalow at Treetops for first time after everything had been moved in, it looked amazing, Angela has helped to create a garden area in which I can run and explore and be safe and I also have a sensory room in my bungalow for those rainy days and long nights when I can’t sleep.

When I am not at school I get to go out and about into town shopping on the bus, out for meals, swimming, I visit the skills centre, go for walks and go swimming, I also get to spend time with Rosie the therapy dog, she is a bundle of mischief and so we get on well together.

There is always something to do and at the end of the day the staff cook me a hearty meal and I then relax in my own home. My mum and dad visit me every week and this year I hosted the family Christmas day meal in my bungalow and some of my friends came too we had a fantastic day.

I am really looking forward to the future as I know there are lots more adventures to come.

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"its nice for us as parents to know we have found a team that care for our children like they were they own and that we know they are looked after by a brilliant caring team xx".


"My son is doing well at school they can't believe how happy and relax he is since being with you which goes to show how great you all are".

About Us

We work with individuals to support them to have a "Happy Future" Happy Futures have a domiciliary care office registered with the Care Quality Commission in Scarborough. We currently support individuals in Whitby, Scarborough and Filey. In Scarborough we have a Skills Centre available to the individuals we support.

We offer support to individuals with moderate and complex needs. Our new facility at Treetops in Scarborough offers support to individuals who require more complex support. We work alongside North Yorkshire County Council, the local Clinical Commissioning Group and families.

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