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Comments from our CQC Inspection

CQC – During the inspection, we identified the service provided was outstanding “During the inspection, we identified the service provided was outstanding. We found staff were extremely responsive to people's needs. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the outstanding person-centred care and support staff provided. We found staff were passionate, enthusiastic and committed to understanding people's needs and to providing high quality person-centred care to improve people's quality of life.”

“There were effective systems in place to gather and respond to feedback. The provider valued people's feedback and was clearly committed to listening and learning from people's experiences of using the service to continually develop the care and support provided.”

“A relative we spoke with talked positively about how staff were committed to promoting people's independence.”

“Staff described feeling consistently well supported by the management team and told us any issues were dealt with immediately. Staff received regular supervisions and appraisals which provided an opportunity to discuss on-going professional development, people's well-being and any concerns they had.”

“A relative noted the staff provided nutritional homemade meals and described a time they visited, and a stew was been cooked in the slow cooker.”

“Staff told us how they supported one person to go food shopping at a particular supermarket, as the shelves were accessible for them and this enabled them to reach the food to choose what they wanted to buy. This demonstrated staff's commitment to promoting people's independent living skills and showed us staff provided person-centred and effective care to meet people's nutritional needs.”

“We observed interactions between staff and people who used the service throughout our inspection and saw staff were very caring and attentive in the support they provided. For example, we observed staff were quick to recognise where people required reassurance and were kind and sympathetic in their approach showing genuine concern for how people were feeling. We observed people responded in a positive and friendly way towards staff, keen to show staff what they were doing and involve them in activities. It was clear they knew staff well and felt happy and comfortable in their company.”

“People told us new members of staff were always introduced by another member of staff so they could get to know them first. A member of staff told us, "If we are going to see a new person you have a shadow shift so you can learn their routines and find out what that individual likes doing as everyone is different."

“People who used the service told us they had choice and control over their care and support. We observed staff were very skilled and experienced in supporting people to express their wishes and views and to make decisions about their daily routines. This included supporting people to decide what to eat and drink, what activities to do and how to spend their time”

“We observed how staff had developed effective and person-centred communication aids and strategies to empower people to express their wishes and views.”

“People provided extremely positive feedback about the outstanding person-centred care and support staff provided. People who used the service said, "They are absolutely fantastic," and "It is brilliant here, staff look after you." Whilst a relative told us, "I have not experienced this level or quality of care with any other company."

“Feedback from professionals showed us staff achieved exceptional results in supporting people to improve their quality of life. We saw compliments from healthcare professionals included, "I have had the privilege to see clients thrive within your service, you have led by example and some of your support staff are the most caring I have come across in a very long time", "You have always gone the extra mile" and "I find the company to be highly professional with a total focus on delivering very high quality support and achieving outcomes for individuals...[the provider] and their team go above and beyond."

“Staff we spoke with talked passionately and proudly about the care and support they provided. We found staff had an excellent understanding of people's needs and used their knowledge and skills to provide very attentive and responsive care and support. Staff described in detail people's likes, dislikes and personal preferences with regards to how their needs were met. This meant people received the care and support they wanted in a way they chose. A relative of someone who used the service confirmed this saying, "They have taken [name's] needs on board and really understood them." They went on to explain how staff were very attentive in understanding how the person was feeling and tailoring their support to their particular needs at that time. This person-centred approach to providing care was evident at all levels within the service and was clearly benefiting people's quality of life.”

“People's care and support was planned proactively in partnership with them. A person who used the service said, "We have to sign our care plan, you go through it with them to make sure you are happy with it." Whilst relatives we spoke with consistently told us they were involved in discussions about the support provided and felt staff worked with them to ensure their relative's needs were met. One relative commented, "It's good as a parent to have that partnership with them." They went on to compliment the effort and enthusiasm of staff in learning from them and asking them questions about how best to meet their relative's needs”

“The registered manager showed us the work they were doing with the Speech and Language Therapy team to reassess everyone who used the service and develop more effective communication strategies. This included the widespread use of accessible information, picture cards and person-centred and individualised communication plans for each person who used the service. We saw the benefits of this for one person who used the service. Staff explained how not being understood contributed to their anxiety and distress and showed us how introducing new communication strategies had helped to reduce this and improve the person's wellbeing and quality of life”

“We found staff were very skilled at supporting and encouraging people to express their wishes and views and to pursue the activities and hobbies which interested them. For example, we saw one person had their activity plan in their hallway and could stick on pictures of the things they wanted to do each day.”

“The provider employed an activities coordinator who led on developing the skills centre and the wide range of activities that were held there throughout the week. We saw sessions included photography, an environmental group, exercise classes, craft sessions and activity themed days such as a 'western day'. On the second day of our inspection, people who used the service had been making Halloween decorations and biscuits and were having pumpkin soup and singing karaoke songs dressed up in Halloween costumes. It was clear everyone was having fun and we saw how this environment supported people to pursue their hobbies and interests and build and sustain relationships with other people who used the service and staff”

“We found the provider was passionate about providing an outstanding service and continually strived to gather feedback to help them learn, develop and improve.”

“We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the service provided and the management and leadership within the organisation. People who used the service said, "They have been outstanding since I started using them", "Everyone is doing a fantastic job" and told us the service was, "Brilliant." A relative of someone who used the service said, "I can't rate them highly enough, they have been exceptional in supporting [Name]." Whilst another relative said, "They are the best company we have ever had" and explained how staff were extremely caring and very skilled at understanding their relatives needs and how best to support them”

“The providers was also actively involved in supporting and encouraging improvements in the wider adult social care sector. This included inviting other providers to visit the service, so they could share advice and guidance on best practice. We saw the provider had received a number of compliments following this work, with comments including, "I have always been encouraged by the progress of your service, your values and approach to delivering high quality, person-centred support...I can't thank you enough for sharing some really useful documents, guidance and materials, all of which have given me a good insight into what needs to be considered to improve the service [where I work]." Another professional complimented the provider writing, "Happy Futures has to be seen to be believed, which is why it was so fantastic that you have been so helpful in showing people around HFSS, as well as having provided advice and support free of charge and shared your best practice with both new and developing providers trying to improve their care quality."

“Care records and numerous compliments from health and social care professionals evidenced these effective working relationships. We saw one healthcare professional complimented the provider writing, "Often you have responded to the community team when individuals have been in crisis, we have never been let down by your response. You have always gone the extra mile...I am privileged to work alongside you and your team."

“Staff were confident talking about the organisation, its values and achievements. They told us they were proud to work for Happy Futures Supporting People in North Yorkshire and felt valued by management. Staff commented, "The managers are absolutely brilliant" and "[The provider] is very, very passionate about the company and employs a really good team. They want people to be happy, it is not about money, it is a passion.”

“One staff member told us, "It's the best decision I've made working here, you're part of a family and don't feel like staff."

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"its nice for us as parents to know we have found a team that care for our children like they were they own and that we know they are looked after by a brilliant caring team xx".


"My son is doing well at school they can't believe how happy and relax he is since being with you which goes to show how great you all are".

About Us

We work with individuals to support them to have a "Happy Future" Happy Futures have a domiciliary care office registered with the Care Quality Commission in Scarborough. We currently support individuals in Whitby, Scarborough and Filey. In Scarborough we have a Skills Centre available to the individuals we support.

We offer support to individuals with moderate and complex needs. Our new facility at Treetops in Scarborough offers support to individuals who require more complex support. We work alongside North Yorkshire County Council, the local Clinical Commissioning Group and families.

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